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Fighting the Cold Weather in Hog Barns

Winter is coming and temperatures are dropping, and it’s no secret that cold weather can be hard on livestock. When it comes to hogs FCS is your local expert and can help minimize the effects of winter. You can find supplies for your barns at the QC Supply Hog Store in the How-To Building Center in Sioux Center or our satellite store at the Melvin location. Our experts are able to offer personalized advice for your operation, but here are a few tips to get started on winter preparation:

1. Take time to examine your curtains for any damage. You can use tape and adhesive for small cuts and holes, but for larger tears you may need to consider replacing the curtain entirely. For extra warmth you may want to consider curtain liners and/or sealants, these can keep warmth in and wind and excessive moisture out.

2. It is also important to check your inlets and fans, make sure that they are working together properly. This will help to ensure a consistent temperature throughout your barn.

3. When inspecting your barns, note any fan openings that are not being used this winter. You can plug these holes with insulation or brand specific coverings; Doing so will eliminate heat loss and keep moisture out of fan motors and belts.

4. Air intake areas are also a key point for inspections. If your barn has an attic, make sure that any air intake doors and curtains are closed before the first snowfall. This will help ensure the longevity of your insulation and ceiling materials.


Call (712) 722-2667 or stop by either of our Hog Store locations with any winter prep questions!