Need cabinets in a pinch? Kitchen Kompact offers three readily available cabinet styles and and colors to choose from and we can typically get you these cabinets within the week! Stop by our showroom to review the cabinet quality, colors and size options available!Come and visit our cabinetry showroom! Our showroom has 6+ kitchen & bath displays featuring cabinets from Showplace Cabinetry! These cabinets are PACKED with just a few options and accessories that these cabinet specialists have to offer. Showplace is a semi-custom cabinet builder, so you can be sure each cabinet is made just for you when you order. Stop by our showroom, we would love to talk with you about all of your kitchen, bath, & office needs.

Showplace Cabinetry

When we created Showplace in 1999, we assembled a team of top cabinetry professionals and set out to do something you might appreciate: Manufacture and market a line of home cabinetry that makes sense. You'll see that focus as you get to know our offerings and features. And you'll appreciate that approach when you compare value. Crafted in South Dakota with an artisan's pride, Showplace Cabinetry offers creative flexibility and lasting quality, and does it on down-to-earth budgets. Showplace is an employee-owned company, and we're all personally invested in the products we create for your home.

Who is Showplace?

Friendly, helpful, and hardworking—but that's only the beginning. Showplace is a lot of things, and we've summed up most of them for you here.

We offer a unique combination of design flexibility, product quality, expressive creative options, and honest, real-world value that you will find in no other cabinetry brand today.

Each cabinet is a product of the pride and personal attention that can only come from a company where every employee is an owner. We're personally invested in everything we create for you.

We were founded on the belief that other brands had become too complicated, too limiting, and had too many hidden costs. Our approach is straightforward and honest, and simply makes sense.


Showplace is a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association, and has a strong environmental commitment. Our modern production facilities are energy-efficient, and incorporate every opportunity for recycling and air quality protection. With our supplier partners, we promote the protection and sustainability of our world's forest resources.

We're a Midwestern company with a strong commitment to philanthropy and citizenship. Our dealer partners are independent businesses with a history of positive contribution to their communities.

Every cabinet we create is made right here in America, but we select from the best sources anywhere on Earth—like Austrian Blum hardware and lovely, renewable exotic woods.

We're a young company that has quickly grown into a successful national brand with dealers around the country. Our facilities are state-of-the-art, and our offerings are always fresh and current.


The short summary: ShowplaceEVO is an employee-owned brand of American-made full-access cabinetry for the home and workplace, which is sold through authorized independent dealers across the nation, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

So what does all that mean? Allow us to elaborate.

"Full-access" cabinetry is one of the many ways of designing and building cabinets. It is also sometimes called "frameless" or "European-style" cabinetry.

It's different from the most-common American cabinetmaking norms, which employ an assembled face frame which attaches to the front of the cabinet box. The doors hinge to this frame, and either overlay it, or are inset flush within it. A cabinet face frame is normally constructed of 1-1/2" wide components, which, by their nature, restrict each cabinet opening somewhat.

But full-access cabinetry is different.

Full-access cabinets have no face frame. Doors attach directly to a sturdy box, allowing full unrestricted access to the cabinet interior. Thus the name: full-access.

Each ShowplaceEVO cabinet is built to order. Nothing is made in advance to sit on a warehouse shelf, waiting to be wanted. Every one of your cabinets is crafted just for you, to exactly fit your space, tastes and personality. Then it's delivered to you complete and ready to install.

And that's why we only sell through trained, authorized independent dealers. There are a lot of custom options with ShowplaceEVO that require knowledge to navigate, so it can't be sold directly, or at a big-box home center. Part of the value of ShowplaceEVO is the expertise of our dealers. We invite you to leverage that value to the fullest.

ShowplaceEVO is part of Showplace Wood Products Inc., which was begun in 2000 by a group of experienced industry professionals. Since then the Showplace facility has grown into three production plants, having expanded six times, more than quadrupling its initial square footage, and has been certified for environmental stewardship.

Along the way, Showplace transitioned to being 100% employee-owned.

In response to nationwide demand, Showplace created the new ShowplaceEVO offering of full-access cabinetry in 2015.

Our Harrisburg, SD factory is brand new, filled with the latest and best manufacturing equipment and technology, and staffed by employee-owners eager to impress you.

We hope to build some ShowplaceEVO full-access cabinetry just for you.


The Gahms. A family with a single vision. Manufacturing the best kitchen cabinets at the most affordable prices. Across three generations, bringing innovation and hard work to a fast-growing, constantly changing industry. Transforming a small custom cabinet shop, whose beginnings date back to 1937, into one of the largest cabinet assembly plants in the United States.

Service. Stability. Confidence. These are the elements that make the KK philosophy work. Manufacture a quality product, do it consistently, and do it for the lowest possible price. Then everybody wins: customers, employees and owners. That’s the philosophy that’s seen us grow from the first day Dwight Gahm became involved back in 1955. It’s the philosophy that helped us do what others thought was impossible–stabilize pricing for almost a decade without a single increase. It’s the philosophy that’s been passed down from our founder, Dwight Gahm, to his three sons, and now to a third generation. It’s a part of our success, because it’s a part of our family.